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PolyPad — The first decentralised IDO and incubation platform Exclusively dedicated to Polygon

Hello PolyPad’s community, it has been a few months since we started PolyPad. Today, we think that it is the right time to step out of stealth mode and start building a strong and decentralized community. …

At 8:00 UTC on August 13th 2021, PolyPAD had an AMA session with the Luna Yield project. At this AMA, Mr. Shagufta Sami — Chief Executive Officer of Luna Yield shared a lot of useful information about the project to the community.

Here is the AMA’s format:

  • Segment 1: Warm…

As announced at the previous article, Luna Yield is the upcoming IDO on PolyPAD. The token sale for Luna Yield will follow our Launchpad subscription format with the recording of user $MPAD balances starting at 2021–08–13 0:00 AM (UTC).

We will record user MPAD balances 10 times for 3 days…

What is Luna Yield?

Luna Yield is a one-stop cross-chain DeFi solution with a focus on delivering security, performance, and a great user experience to the space.

Luna Yield is powered by Polygon, Solana, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain; it is fully decentralized and open-source, helping users leverage their assets across platforms.

Luna Yield ecosystem

As a…

June was a busy month for PolyPAD, 3 rounds fund-raising successfully closed, the successful IDO on PolyPAD and A2DAO, $MPAD is listed on Quickswap…

Business Development:

  • PolyPAD has successfully closed 3 rounds fund-raising totaling $1.7 million.
  • PolyPAD Network concluded a successful public distribution sale on PolyPAD and A2DAO.
  • $MPAD is now available…

PolyPAD aims to empower projects with fundraising ability while developing loyal users, at the same time, allowing retailer investors and potential users to access early investment deals. PolyPAD will provide everyone with an equal opportunity to join IDOs through our platform by staking MPAD.

Today we will showcase a fixed…

How to view/see MPAD token in Metamask:

Step 1: Open Metamask, click on “Add Token” and then, paste MPAD’s official Smart Contract.

  • Contract Address: 0x89A468488Af91F89A31f4Ea433BE730C83F73DC8
  • Symbol: MPAD
  • Decimal: 18

We are excited to release the details of the Community Distribution of MPAD token on PolyPAD Network. The token sale would take place at 13:00 UTC on Monday, June 21st, 2021.

Public Sale Structure:

  • There will be a total of 8,000,000 $MPAD available for the public sale through our own…

To register for the MPAD token public sale, users must follow these steps:

Step 1: Complete the Whitelist bot here.

You must complete all tasks within the bot to qualify.

Step 2: Check if you have successfully made it into the whitelist on our official social networks. The Bot will be given after the Whitelist closed.

Step 3: Visit and click “Connect…

Note: ERC20 and Polygon (Matic) address on Metamask are the same. Therefore, there are two ways to transfer your assets from the Ethereum Mainchain to the Matic Mainnet.

  • Transfer/deposit assets between wallets that use Polygon (Matic) Network; Or withdraw assets from cryptocurrency exchanges that support the Polygon (Matic) Network to Metamask Wallet.
  • If you have MATIC or USDT in your Matamask wallet, you can transfer your assets from the Ethereum Mainchain to the Matic Mainnet.

Polypad Network

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