A monthly PolyPAD roundup: June 2021

June was a busy month for PolyPAD, 3 rounds fund-raising successfully closed, the successful IDO on PolyPAD and A2DAO, $MPAD is listed on Quickswap…

Business Development:

  • PolyPAD has successfully closed 3 rounds fund-raising totaling $1.7 million.
  • PolyPAD Network concluded a successful public distribution sale on PolyPAD and A2DAO.
  • $MPAD is now available to trade on Quickswap, the liquidity is about 245k $USDT. Official Contract Address: 0x89A468488Af91F89A31f4Ea433BE730C83F73DC8

Partnerships & Investors

  • PolyPAD is excited to collaborate with Double Top — A community of investors, enthusiasts and technically strong participants of crypto space. Double Top will connect us with a CIS audience, promote our project on their media resources.
  • We are pleased to announce Boga Capital as our investor.

Community and events

  • The PolyPAD community had an impressive performance on social media this week, growing our community from 3k to 22k followers.
  • We introduce our Turkish and Japanese community.
  • PolyPAD AMA with Altcoin Alerts and Wolfonaire Premium.
  • To celebrate the Whitelist opening, we run a Airdrop campaign with a reward pool of up to 400,000 $MPAD. (PolyPAD Premiere Airdrop & Lucky Draw Airdrop)

For the latest updates, follow PolyPAD on social media:

Telegram Announcement

Telegram Chat








PolyPad — The first decentralised IDO and incubation platform Exclusively dedicated to Polygon

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Polypad Network

Polypad Network

PolyPad — The first decentralised IDO and incubation platform Exclusively dedicated to Polygon

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